Blue Tiger Academy’s Leadership 360 Cohort Program

For Managers and Directors

Blue Tiger Academy’s Leadership Circle ProfileTM (LCP) 360 Cohort Program is a peer-based experience that deepens management and leadership skills. Blue Tiger Leadership creates a grounded space for conscious connections of thoughts, knowledge, and intuitive observations to behaviors for powerful leadership transformations.

This cohort learning program consists of four major elements promoting individual discovery, connection to peers, and skill acquisition and practice. Leaders learn to incorporate feedback to strengthen innate and learned leadership capabilities.

At the end of the program, leaders are equipped with clear strategies to create the most positive and intentional impact in teams, organizations, communities, and beyond.

The program’s four elements include


LCP is unique because it is the only 360 assessment that measures both Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. It gives the leader far greater insight into how they are thinking and what they are doing that limits the full deployment of creative competencies.


Leaders developing skills in a cohort benefit from profound colleague connections, and a peer support network that enhances relationships and forges career pathways. Sharing real-time experiences among peers with a focus on continual growth allows for creative solution finding, camaraderie, and accountability.

Group coaching is conducted once per month, for two hours each and includes the following.

- Group LCP results debrief

- Current challenges - discuss and problem-solve

- LCP learning modules (listed below)

  • Mapping your journey
  • Accountability and leadership development plan
  • Moving toward your vision
  • Leading through change
  • Relationship building
  • Systems thinking
  • Integrity
  • Sustaining energy, focus, and commitment
  • Prioritization
  • Creating a culture of accountability
  • Listening as a leader
  • Transformation
  • Taking stock

- Individual LCP results debrief

- Six monthly individual coaching sessions

- Email, call, and text coach access


At the end of the six-month program, Blue Tiger Leadership will host a graduation celebration event for a job well done!

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