Nurturing the Whole

Whether you are a leader, a team, or an organization, working with Blue Tiger Leadership promotes no less than a generative, sustainable, and holistic transformation.

to Be Provocative

We provide grounded space that empowers leaders and teams to
– embrace their authentic and whole identity,
– connect with others through inspired awareness,
– and practice heart-centered purpose as soulfully as they are willing to show up.

Insistent on Authenticity

We support leaders through holistic transformational experiences to actualize innate power. We invite our clients to the opportunity to practice affecting positive change intentionally within themselves, their teams, their organizations, and their communities.


Discover the Blue Tiger Leadership Path

We engage with teams and individuals to develop their unique leadership qualities inside, so that they THRIVE and fulfill their highest potential.
Start by embracing your authentic and whole identity
During the
journey, discover your potential
Emerge a rare leader, able to reach your potential


For Managers and Directors

From high-potential employees, supervisors, managers, and up, Blue Tiger has innovative leadership skill development programs created to instill lasting habits for success.

Coaching Experiences for Transforming Leaders

Certified, experienced, tried and true, our coaches are more than just passionate about leadership; they are educated and skilled.

Solid Relationships Build Powerful Teams

Teams function on a foundation of trust and safe communication. Our programs emphasize discovery, compassion, and cohesion to support teams through their growth.

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“If I had to pick one word for how this process affected me, it would ‘liberating’. I feel liberated to own any space I occupy, whether it’s in the community, at work or in my personal life. I can own my space. No more and no less.”

– Juan Carlos Gonzalez
“In just two short years, the team launched themselves from the lowest possible scores to the highest – quite an impressive achievement and one to be celebrated.”

– The Division of Hillsboro Parks and Recreation
“Michelle has this skill to connect deeply, on an intuitive level.”

– Todd Smith, Regional Vice President of Sales for LaPrarie

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