Inspiring Intentional Impact

You are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery, own your impact, and allow courageous shifts in perspective that alter your personal energy to all layers of being and living.

Our Mission

Blue Tiger Leadership exists to inspire intentional impact within leaders, teams, and organizations by providing integrated transformational experiences that honor and enhance relationships.

We align ourselves with these core values.

  •     – Transformation
  •     – Heart & Humor
  •     – Results
  •     – Inclusion
  •     – Vulnerability
  •     – Exploration
  •     – Impact
  •     – Support


Michelle Rios President
Executive & Team Coach
Leadership Consultant
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Phil Incorvia
Improvisationalist, Coach, & Trainer
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Abby Coppock
Executive & Team Coach, Leadership Consultant
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Adele Hughes-Hromco
Leadership Coach & Change Facilitator, Bilingual (English/Spanish)
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Christine Moses
Executive Coach, Facilitator, & Consultant
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Dan Eisenman
Executive Coach, Facilitator, & Consultant
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Elke Säubert
Leadership & Cross-Cultural Coach
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Mikki Nutt
Counselor, Executive Coach, & Mediator
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Roberto Rios
Facilitator & Management Consultant, Bilingual (English/Spanish)
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Jennifer Haury
Organizational Anthropologist, LSSMBB
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Kate Carman
Leadership Coach, Organizational Diagnostics & Transformation, Strategic Planning
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Maria Carrasquillo
Leadership Coach, Organizational Transformation, Strategic Planning, Bilingual (English/Spanish)
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Not Just Passionate.
Trained, Certified, and Experienced.

Blue Tiger Leadership team members are experts in their fields of study, having earned certifications in the following.

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