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The Path to True Leadership

We believe transformational change isn’t a technique or a tool – it’s a deeper connection with your Self.

This is the reason why even the most successful leaders can get stuck. Because at some point they try to force change from the outside, instead of letting it emerge effortlessly from within.

When meaningful change aligns with authenticity, it will naturally flow outwards with a power that transforms your team and organizational culture.

The Path is about braving the unexplored and discovering The Leader Inside.

The Path begins with You.

Step 1: Brave Leaders

We equip leaders for sustainable success through skill development and positive provocation.

1:1 Coaching for Managers and Directors

Your leadership coach will help you perform at your best. You will access a resource rich program that is uniquely designed to support your personal and professional goals.

Five Behaviors of Personal Development

Build positive working behaviors and relationships based on trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results.

DiSC Assessment

Understand your strengths, challenges, and style of communication.

360 Leadership Success

Receive concrete feedback and make rapid shifts in behavior to craft a superior leadership culture.

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Step 2: Brilliant Teams

True leadership is creating a way for teams to show their brilliance and achieve the extraordinary.

We help teams perform at their highest levels by laying a foundation of trust and safe communication. Our programs emphasize discovery, compassion, and cohesion to enhance relationships and support growth.


Blue Tiger believes strongly that custom solutions last longer than prescriptive approaches. When entering a team development project, we pause to hear from team members, stakeholders, and key personnel to discover themes of challenges and strengths to create a plan which addresses the team’s specific needs.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Teams learn about the behaviors that drive themselves and each other; using their new understanding to forge a stronger, more cohesive team. 

Everything DiSC

Learn a unique approach to a thriving workplace that productively handles conflict and grows with Agile EQ —the ability to stretch beyond one’s comfort zone and adopt the optimal response in each situation.

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