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Our mission is to support brave leaders and brilliant teams to build a better workplace.

We invite courageous shifts in perspective that allow leaders to discover their own power for positive change.

We make your people our priority by developing their talent and collaborative effort, so they can accomplish what matters most with care and excellence.

We create transformational experiences that leave a lasting mark on your leadership culture and local community.

Meet Our Brilliant team

Experts in Leadership Consulting & Change Management

Michelle Rios

Executive Leadership Consultant

Abby Coppock

Leadership & Team Facilitator/Coach

Adele Hughes-Hromco

Change Facilitator/Coach (Bilingual)

Christine Moses

DEI Facilitator/Coach

Diane Solomon

Psychological Consultant

Dan Eisenman

Executive & Team Facilitator/Coach

Elke Säubert

Psychological Consultant

Jennifer Haury

Organizational Anthropologist

Kate Carman

Leadership Coach/Facilitator

Maria Carrasquillo

Leadership Coach/Facilitator (Bilingual)

Mikki Nutt

Cross-Cultural Coach

Phil Incorvia

Leadership & Team Facilitator/Coach

Roberto Rios

Team Facilitator (Bilingual)

Your Purpose Is Our Passion

We are Trained, Certified, and Experienced in Delivering Results

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