Blue Tiger Academy – Supervisor/Manager Training

For Managers and Directors

Blue Tiger Academy is a skill-building series which provides experiential learning of supervisory and managerial skills which will support you in everyday work. Your organization will build a tailored curriculum for your group of leaders, based on their learning needs.

Core Courses

Blue Tiger Introduction; Manager Vs. & Leader

Guiding Questions & Learning Objectives

  • Who are you as a leader and how can you practice leadership in everyday situations? Learn about the differences between management, supervision, and leadership.
  • What does being a leader mean to me personally? Develop a personal list of values you resonate with and wish to imbue in all your leadership moments.
  • What is the most important impact I want to make as a leader? Build your individual leadership mission statement draft.

Everything DiSC Management I & II (3 hours split into two sessions)

Guiding Questions & Learning Objectives

  • Who am I and who are my colleagues? Deepen understanding of self and others.
  • How can I more effectively connect with others? Learn how to build better relationships with others.
  • How can I improve my communication for the best possible outcomes? Access real-time tips for more effective interactions with your colleagues.
  • What can I gain by deepening my understanding of self? Build the foundation for future social and emotional skills training.

Course Options

Work Life Balance; Energy Management

Create an analysis of energy investments in work and personal life. Build a fulfillment review of your energy usage (ROI assessment). Modify energy expenditures for optimal fulfillment.

The Art and Science of Managing Meetings

Learn about planning tactics to create successful meetings. Gain a clear understanding of meeting management roles and responsibilities. Explore various outputs of a good meeting, including tools to capture sentiments, action items, and follow-up activities.

From Conflict to Opportunity

Understand the meaning and potential of conflict. Learn new skills in observation and reading the room. Define safety in conflict situations and examine the concepts of Mutual Purpose, Mutual Respect.

Emotional Intelligence

Understand how emotions impact ourselves, our decision-making, and how we perceive what’s happening around us. Expanding upon this self-awareness, we delve into how to practice curiosity when faced with strong emotions, how to observe others’ behavior and navigate relationships successfully through emotions.

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Understand the value of positive feedback and how to provide feedback for growth. Gain an appreciation of receiving feedback, and practice tactics to process it to be the most useful.

Team Development

Learn and practice habits to support your team’s cohesiveness, provide fertile ground for productive and happy workers.


Practice empowering others to complete work suited to their strengths, grow their skills, and stretch their capabilities.

On Boarding New Employees

Create tools you can utilize outside of class to successfully onboard new employees so they are informed, equipped, and inspired to work efficiently.

Change Management

Understand the need for change management skills. Gain actionable knowledge on how to sponsor, inspire, and lead through change.

Time Management

Learn practices for efficient use of time, evaluating where time is spent, and analyze the value gained from activities performed.

Coaching for Leaders

Gain clarity on the value of coaching in managing a team. Understand when coaching is appropriate and needed. Practice tactics to coach employees through problem-solving to achieve successful outcomes.

Performance Management

Learn how to evaluate productivity and the value of an employee. Gain clarity on when and how to provide feedback to correct performance. Practice tactics to inspire commitment and drive exceptional outcomes.

Problem-Solving, Priority-Setting, & Decision-Making

Gain and practice various tactics to successfully solve challenges that arise. Walk away with tools that support efficient setting of priorities. Learn new ways to think about decision making and how to thoughtfully decide with proper timing and information.

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