Everything DiSC Catalyst Add-on Modules

For Managers and Directors

Everything DiSC® Catalyst - Thriving Workplace

Improve self-understanding, communication, and relationships within each team throughout the department. Create a common language around style, strengths and areas of challenge. Training includes four hours of facilitated group time, plus assessment results

DiSC® Productive Conflict

Increase self-awareness around conflict behaviors and learn to effectively respond to workplace conflict. This training program combines the personalized insights of DiSC® with cognitive behavioral theory to help participants recognize and transform their destructive habits into more productive responses. The result is improved workplace relationships that drive results. Training includes eight hours broken into two to three sessions, plus personal assessment results.

Everything DiSC® on Catalyst - Agile EQ

Everything DiSC Agile EQ helps learners explore the concept of emotional intelligence and introduces the idea of Agile EQ—the ability to stretch beyond one’s comfort zone and adopt the optimal response in each situation. This training includes four hours of facilitated group time, plus assessment results.

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