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Coaching for C-Suite, Executives, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors

Blue Tiger Leadership understands truly successful leaders are those who practice humility, compassion, empathy, and emotional intelligence. We provide executive coaching with a lens of equity, justice, and inclusion, and support leaders open to aligning their leadership with these critical ethical values. Our goal is to inspire leaders to make an intentional and positive impact in their personal and professional life, within their teams, organization, and community.

Our game-changing approach includes shadowing our c-suite leaders, executives, directors, managers, and supervisors in their daily leadership roles, providing us with a realistic view of their practice, and allowing real-time, real-experiential feedback to leaders. We celebrate success as much as we provide thought for change, supporting leaders through growth with a mindset of leaning into their strengths while also building new leadership skill muscle.

Blue Tiger Leadership provides holistic coaching practices, including packages that include
- 360 evaluations and leadership success feedback
- Leadership observation to provide feedback based on seeing the leader at work
- Assessments which provide valuable insight into the leader's strength to be honed, and opportunities for development
- Coaches who are trained, certified, and with leadership experience
- Six-month engagements to ensure behavior is not only learned but practiced
- On-call support through email and text

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