Team Development Experiences

Grow your team with experiential learning

Astronaut Rescue Mission

You’re a team of astronauts. Your return to Earth didn’t go as planned and you’ve crash landed in the rugged and unforgiving Koruk mountains. Time is of the essence as you must reach a certain location in order to be rescued. There’s a lot to do to make this work. The pressure is on!
In this activity teams have a map but have no idea where they are on that map. The same applies to their pickup point. The team will need to camp overnight in hostile conditions, sorting, and prioritizing equipment as they go. How will teams work? Do they recognize the pressure and time?

Leadership Practice through Gamification

  • There are 10 trigger points in the activity where leadership is required
  • Participants learn that different leaders are valuable at different points
  • There isn’t just one style for effective leadership
  • The whole team must lead… and follow effectively
  • The team that supports their leader has the best chance of success

Escape From Mars!

Having completed their Mars Mission, four teams must locate their escape pod which will depart the surface in one hour! Teams must locate the pod, work out the correct entry code, complete ten tasks, and assemble a transponder. Each team has a different part of the equation.
Quite different from Astronaut Rescue Mission, this is an exciting activity that gets teams talking, engaging, and cooperating.

Teaming Practice through Gamification

  • Participants experience the importance of
    - collaboration,
    - formulating and implementing a plan,
    - effective communication,
    - managing a tight schedule,
    - seeing the bigger picture,
    - and practicing remote teamwork concepts.

The activity explores values, levels of trust, and attitudes in a way that benefits leaders in both in-person and virtual environments.

Antarctic Challenge

This activity, based on a realistic data is a true to life simulation where teams plan a complex project: A sponsored expedition to the South Pole! Weather windows, dates, distances, speeds, and supplies are all factors.
Crucially, teams must rendezvous with on a certain date with another expedition. This sets up the precise timing needed for all other stages of the expedition. With a full plan and costs in place, teams must prepare persuasive presentations to deliver to a group of potential sponsors.
Strategic Planning, Teaming, and Leadership Practice through Gamification

This rigorous strategic exercise is designed to accomplish a variety of objectives:

  • learning to brainstorm and decide what information is required,
  • breaking a project into bite-sized chunks,
  • establishing key factors around which to base plans,
  • planning within time and budgetary limits,
  • collecting and interpreting data and information,
  • using situational leadership to move the project forward,
  • and making persuasive group presentations.

This truly allows participants to know themselves and each other under the pressure of a reality-based planning activity.

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