Christine Moses
Executive Coach, Facilitator, & Consultant

Christine Moses is an award-winning communicator and expert consultant working with schools, nonprofits, government agencies, law firms and tech firms on the high-risk issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging, community engagement, and communications. Christine co-creates equity programs, strategic plans, trainings, and coaching sessions for clients through multiple collaborative pathways. 

As an equity consultant, Christine uses non-violent communication and trauma-informed practices to identify clients' needs, help them articulate their positions clearly, and then center their opinions in the community discussion. She then ensures everyone is engaged in the conversation by using Liberating Structures and Courageous Conversation conventions. The Art of Community is an underlying philosophy for her work while providing a culturally responsive experience that honors past harms through storytelling and design thinking/ethnographic strategies. She bridges cultures, age groups, races, classes, and gender identities to reach desired outcomes through thoughtful, deep engagement by building empathy for others. In the process, clients understand the historic harms caused by past and current racial policies to inform the development of their equity lens in order to eliminate individual, institutional, and systemic barriers to racial equity.

Results include:

  • The amplification of historically minoritized voices within the engagement and policy making/changing processes
  • The collective understanding of how implicit bias, cultural norms and practices, and systems organization reinforce stereotypes, racism, and disproportionate outcomes
  • The centering of equity within the policy engagement and crafting processes by identifying specific measurable outcomes and community values early
  • The building of community capacity for change by using collective impact strategies
  • The incorporation of strategic planning, strategic communications, and audits at all levels of the engagement process 

Christine is supporting the internal and external work of EnviroIssues, a premier community engagement company based in Seattle. She is supporting the equity and leadership journeys of staff and provides equity expertise for company clients. 

She is also an expert equity consultant on the City of Renton's (WA) Health and Human Services assessment process, the City of Gresham's (OR) strategic planning process and leading the community engagement for the Gresham-Barlow School district on School Resource Officers. She is also co-facilitating the Portland Police Accountability Commission's formation. 

Professional Expertise & Practice

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Trauma informed approach
  • Equity program creation
  • Strategic planning and deployment
  • Ethnographic analysis
  • Policy making and process change
  • Team development
  • Leadership coaching

Assessment & Certifications

  • Qualified Administrator: Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) 
  • Certified Facilitator: Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Education & Training

  • Doctor of Education, University of Oregon - Leadership for Equity, June 2022
  • BA Sociology, Princeton University
  • MA Public Policy, Trinity College
  • National Equity Project - LOSD Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain by Zarretta Hammond
  • Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles - Cultural Communication
  • Resolutions Northwest - Trauma Informed Facilitation of Conversations About Race and Gender
  • John Lenssen - Trauma Informed Facilitation for Race Equity
  • Equity Facilitation in Large Community Settings
  • Liberating Structures
  • Courageous Conversations on Race

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